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12 Reasons Why You're Not Going All In On Your Goals (and how to address them)

You might have goals, and you might be actively "working towards them", but are you really Going All In On Your Goals? I know I wasn't for the longest time in my business and there are many reasons why we get blocked or feel resistance when it comes to Just F**king Going For It!!! So let's see which of them resonate the most for you.

going all in on your goals

1. Fear of Going For Your Goals

There are so many that come up and I've written all about them here, but as you step into the unknown, your minds project fear onto the uncertainty that awaits because it's trying to protects you.

Write out each fear one by one and ask yourself whether you can know for sure that will be the outcome?

2. Not Knowing Where To Start On Your Goals

Putting pressure on yourself that you need to start things in a perfect way or if you don't, you will definitely fail, or think there's no point trying if it's not "just right".

Clarity comes from action so until you start, you will be stuck in analysis paralysis. What is one small action you can take today? Once you've done that, ask yourself what the next most aligned logical step is.

3. Not Making Your Goals a Priority

You might have other things going on in your life and maybe it’s not the right time, which is totally ok and normal. Sometimes there are times in our life where our family and other commitments and responsibilities will need to be your priority, but notice if it’s a conscious choice or an unconscious default?

How does it feel in your body to say out loud "This is not my priority right now"?

4. You Doubt Your Goals and/or Yourself

You doubt that what you're doing is the "right thing" OR you doubt your ability to make it happen. You might be able to take baby steps when you're feeling confident, but then the doubt takes over the mic and gets loud again so you're not able to build any real momentum. When doubt crops up, we can tend to try to push it back in into it's little buzz kill box, but this actually gives it more footing (hello, shadow work!). When you allow it to be there, it will loosen its grip.

When doubt crops up, allow it to be there. Notice the sensations in your body (this will be different for everyone), and just breathe into that area, allowing yourself to feel. If you're able to stay with it, you will start to feel it dissipate.

5. You're Burning Yourself Out

You're using strategies that aren't sustainable for you or your energy profile, or your nervous system is in overdrive because you're pushing through your resistance, fears, and blocks without doing the internal work to resolve them.

What is a way that you could show up consistently that is sustainable and in alignment with your energy? How do you relate to yourself when you're feeling burnt out? The internal work to feel safe to go for it in a sustainable way is exactly what we are doing in my three-month group coaching program, GMQ . Check it out if you feel called, or get in touch if you want to find out about how I can support you in a 1 on 1 transformational life coaching journey.

6. You're Overwhelmed

By everything that needs to be done and it feels like there's never enough hours in the day for both your goals and life in general.

Similar to doubt, overwhelm is just a feeling. Presence the feeling in your body, allowing yourself to feel it and if you're able to stay with the feeling, it will release fairly quickly. You can also check out this free meditation for overwhelm I created for Overwhelm where I guide you through this process.

7. You Think You're Out Of Time To Reach Your Goals

The ship has sailed, it's too late to start over! But is it really?

Firstly, question this belief. If you're 50, all things going well, you've still got another 30/40/50 years left. That's a long time to be waiting around sitting on your dreams and a long time to be with yourself if you don't at least try!! Then once you've given yourself a pep talk, go and find examples of other people who have started over. I'm one of them!!

8. You're Working On Too Many Goals At Once

This fractures your effort and attention so you have multiple projects that are half finished or sort of working, but none of them are self sustaining so it's an uphill struggle because they all require attention.

This will feel like a torture sentence for some, but pick the ONE goal that is the most alive for you right now, and commit yourself to working on that and only that for 90 days. When you give yourself three months of focused aligned action on the one thing, you've given yourself enough time to (a) embody a habit, (b) give something a red hot go and decide from that point what the next step is. This actually works and why I've designed GMQ to be a three-month container.

9. Your Goals Aren't Fulfilling Or Maybe They're Someone Else's Goals For You

So you're on an endless cycle of chasing, but the passion isn't really there and even if you do succeed, there's always another goal to pursue and it feels like your life is on hold until you reach the top of whatever mountain you're climbing.

Get clear on your values and how you want to live your life: maybe you value freedom and the ability to travel whenever you want, wherever you want, or perhaps family is really important to you and you want to be able to spend more time with loved ones. With these in mind, what would a perfect day look like for you? And is it aligned with the goals you're chasing? And, what is one thing you can do you align your current situation closer to your values? (Such as quality tech-free family time of scheduling in your travel for the year)

10. You're All Talk And No Action When It Comes To Your Goals

This is a sneaky one because talking about something or even just thinking about it a lot can really trick us into thinking that we are doing it.

In your diary or calendar, write down each think that you do per day or week that is in service to your goals. This helped me to get out of talking mode, but also realise that I was doing way more than I thought I was. If you're looking for extra strategic support, grab my free Goal Digger PDF workbook.

11. You're Procrastinating

Procrastination is a behaviour that covers up an underlying block. If you were just simply taking "down time" there would be no charge to it and you'd be calling it "rest".

When you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself what you're avoiding by not taking action? It could be an underlying fear, or one of the already listed underlying reasons that you're not going all in, it's all interrelated!

12. You Don't Actually Believe It's Possible To Reach Your Goals

Studies have shown that the most attainable goals are believed to be at least 85 per cent achievable by the person. There are many reasons why we don't believe it's possible, but it's usually a matter of either your mind doesn't have examples of it being done, or you don't believe you're worthy to reach your goals and get what you want, or that other people can, but you can't.

If your goal seems waaaaay out of reach, what's a smaller milestone you can work towards while still holding your bigger vision? What is a real life example of someone you can think of that has done what you're trying to do? If it's self worth or comparison related, again, this is very deep work. Self worth is one of our core wounds and if it is something you would like support on, please get in touch so I can see where you're at and how I can best serve you.

As you can see, sometimes it's really just practicalities or priorities, but other times there's a deep root to why we are holding ourselves back, when deep down, we KNOW that everything we want is on the other side of action. I would love to know which of these resonate with you the most!

x Eloise

P.s We dive so much deeper on goals and unravelling your specific blocks in my three-month group coaching program, GMQ., check it out if you've got some goals to kick or get in touch to find out how you can work with me in 1 on 1 personal coaching if you're ready to dive deep!

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