Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I'm so glad you've found me, because in my experience it is never a coincidence ;)


My name is Eloise.  I am an intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Guide here to affirm your heart's callings and help you to remember what you came here to do.


I’ve always been drawn to crystals, magic, Tarot, and Astrology for as long as I can remember, but took a little (10 year) detour down the corporate path after University to try it on for size.  As it turns out, it didn’t fit!


It wasn't long before I started to have my own awakening experience and felt the calling to do work that actually helps people.


I was growing increasingly interested in the balance of taking care of our bodies as well as our minds to save us from our modern lifestyles of constantly sitting, and mental overdrive, so I trained to teach Pilates, Meditation and Sound Healing (I prefer to call it sound immersion TBH).


By 2018 I was living in central London and teaching “full time”. That was going well, variety has always been key for me and along the way I started to get more into other healing modalities; Yin Yoga, as well as returning to my roots of Tarot, Astrology, crystals, spells, manifesting.


In hindsight it makes total sense that this is where I've ended up, because I’ve been studying these things for most of my life!


While I was teaching, I started to notice that being around so many people all the time- students in classes, catching the tube all over town, really started to mess with my energy. I’d go from feeling normal, to extremely anxious to super drained, with no rhyme or reason. I went off to do my Reiki training to learn more about energy and how to manage it, which was a total game changer for an empath like me. 


Fast forward to the Pandemic of 2020, offices closed, studios closed, everything moving online. A pivot was needed. But with everything that was going on, giving people nice bums didn’t seem like the best use of my skills. I felt called to work more from my heart, and while I continue to teach my existing clients (and love doing it), I have taken the opportunity to further develop my meditation offerings, courses and workshops. And so Luna Apogee was born. A little space to allow all of these things to flourish.


I am here to help you to connect within and remember who you are.


My meditations have been featured on the Insight Timer Meditation App.​




What is an "Intuitive Astrologer"?

I have been studying astrology for a long time and use the technical concepts as a framework and my intuition to guide me to what will be the most important information to you right now.  I would also consider myself a psychological and evolutionary astrologer in that my readings are here to give you insight into what has happened in your life or what you're currently going through and provide tools to help you move forward.   

You can check out my YouTube channel here to get a better idea of my vibe.

Are you really psychic?

I don’t identify myself as a psychic, but I am highly intuitive. My Tarot readings won't pin point exact dates/people, rather they deal with the themes of what's going on in your life, and provide guidance for moving forward.


Why should I work with you?

It's important to find someone you vibe with because you’re more likely to be on the same frequency, so if you’re not sure by now, or if you have any questions please get in touch.

If I do sound like someone you want to get down with, you can book in a session below.

A few random facts:

  • I love Seinfeld, 90s grunge, 00s RnB and disco

  • I studied Business Management, Psychology, and Journalism and Mass Communication at University

  • My favourite quote is

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

                                                                                                                                  ~ Heraclitus