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Remember Who You Are

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Hello, Beautiful Soul!


If you have found your way here, it’s probably not a coincidence because I don’t believe there’s such a thing.


Maybe you came across me in a Youtube or Instagram rabbit hole, or you’ve experienced my teachings on Insight Timer.  Or maybe some amazing human in your life thought that you might benefit from my work, or maybe it’s just a beautiful divine mystery.  Whatever the case, I honour you for being here. 


I have always been a wearer of many hats.  In this current iteration, I am an Empowerment Coach, Astrologer, and Intuitive Guide.  My power lies in bringing the esoteric into real life, with teachings,  guidance, healings, psychology, laughter, and play.


I am here to empower you to  live a life that is in line with your soul’s purpose and your true potential by connecting you back to yourself, your soul essence, nature, and your relationships so that you can be in alignment and follow your heart’s callings into your full self expression and authenticity. 


My current offerings include:


Astrology + Soul Mapping to give you important information about the blueprint of your soul so you can understand your purpose and mission in this life time, as well as blockages and karmic lessons.  Astrology is based on your time and location of birth, while soul mapping in based on your name. 


Guided Healing + Transformation to clear your energy and blockages and restore balance.


Soul Guidance to give you insight and clarity to move forward.


Meditations + Rituals to connect you to your highest self, the cosmic energies, and the forces within so that you can release old paradigms  and move into new ways of being.


Workshops to empower you to step into your potential.


Courses to transfer my wisdom and teachings to you. 


Group Events to heal, transform, and empower you in a sacred container.  Connecting with like minded souls amplifies the outcomes.


I was not always doing this work.  While I was always interested in astrology and the mysteries of life, I went down the corporate path for 10 years before I rediscovered my soul’s purpose:  all of the things I was called to and love before I was told I had to be a “normal” person and have a “normal” job.


Finding this alignment has been the biggest gift for living a life that is in alignment and full of joy.

You can check out my offerings and downloads,  or drop me a line here if you fancy a chat.

Spiritual Guidance

Eloise is an amazing soul with so much knowledge and passion for what she does so very well! I received a birth chart reading/ Spiritual Guidance from her and it was such a relief to have an awesome session!


She is a sincere and relatable teacher. Under her guidance I am learning to understand my true purpose and potential in this universe.


After we spoke she emailed me a thorough outline of our meeting, including suggestions and skills to work on and a better understanding of my birth chart!


I hope to continue our sessions and become more conscious and aware of my gifts!


Thank you Eloise for showing me the confidence I always had inside of me and just needed a nudge and assistance realizing!

Yenth'l Isaac, Florida, USA

Comprehensive Birth Chart Reading

"The most relaxing thing I've learned from Eloise is that nothing happens by chance. This includes her showing up in my life with perfect timing as I was binging  Tarot on youtube, my latest obsession. Eloise was talking about the 6th house, urging me gently to remember to brush my teeth as I was delicately crawling out of a profound depression.

Eloise encouraged me to focus on my 6th house responsibilities, to wiggle my big toe.  She offers a genuine ease in her conversational style of teaching, and  has a centred available presence. I understood implicitly what she was talking about without ever realising it before. 


Eloise is smart, caring, and truly gifted in the way she translates some of life's most profound secrets. She makes these mysteries accessible to us all, she finds your conversation style and runs with it. The reading becomes a dialogue as you find your eagerness to contribute grows as understand what you already know.


My life has changed forever, and Eloise plays no small part in this. It feels simple, practical and natural, and my gratitude for this and for her is abundant.

Uma Ruby, Victoria, Australia


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