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Remember Who You Are


Remember Who You Are

 Hello, Beautiful Soul! I'm Eloise Skye.

I am here to connect you to your soul's desires so that you can be who you came here to be.


I am a Teacher, Guide, Astrologer, Intuitive, and Visionary.


I use tools psychology, coaching, astrology, and intuitive and energetic practices to activate your soul remembrance so that you can to align with your purpose and live in your true potential.   This is where the magic happens. 

I see you and I see your potential and I want nothing more than for you to step into it and experience your magic.

This work is my soul's purpose. 


I host monthly group rituals around the New Moon to set intentions that will allow you to take charge and steer the direction of your life. 


I offer Astrological Birth Chart Readings that activate your purpose and potential as you receive confirmation and clarity of your heart's callings, giving you permission to be you.  

I provide 1 on 1 Guidance that gives you tools and insights that support you in navigating the human experience into a life that feels magical, fulfilling, joyful, and abundant.

I teach self-paced courses and workshops to give you essential tools and to activate the wisdom that exists within you. 

I deliver insights and activations through regular free masterclasses and content.   


I hope to connect with you soon! x


Soul Guidance

Eloise is an amazing soul with so much knowledge and passion for what she does so very well! I booked a Soul Guidance session with her and it was such a relief to receive the clarity I was looking for!


She is a sincere and relatable teacher. Under her guidance I am learning to understand my true purpose and potential in this universe.


After we spoke she emailed me a thorough outline of our meeting, including suggestions and skills to work on and a better understanding of my birth chart!


I hope to continue our sessions and become more conscious and aware of my gifts!


Thank you Eloise for showing me the confidence I always had inside of me and just needed a nudge and assistance realizing!

Yenth'l Isaac, Florida, USA

Birth Chart Reading

Eloise is smart, caring, and truly gifted in the way she translates some of life's most profound secrets. She makes these mysteries accessible to us all, she finds your conversation style and runs with it. The reading becomes a dialogue as you find your eagerness to contribute grows as understand what you already know.


My life has changed forever, and Eloise plays no small part in this. It feels simple, practical and natural, and my gratitude for this and for her is abundant.

Uma Ruby, Victoria, Australia

Birth Chart Reading

I am so grateful for the Birth Chart reading I received from Eloise.

It really helped me to open up to doing my soul's work that was calling me and I am now 100% committed to fulfilling my purpose.  

This has brought me so much happiness and healing and I've met so many wonderful people along the way.

Erica, Washington, USA

Birth Chart Reading

 My Birth Chart reading with Eloise was so insightful.


She delivered it in such a beautiful and clear explanation that I felt like my soul had been read and put up on screen.

I have so much to take away from this, to accept about myself, to challenge, learn, grow and understand its a start of a much needed journey, so thankyou!!


You have a true gift.

Lorraine Heaton, London, UK


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