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Eloise Skye Bonel Life Coach Brisbane

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I'm Eloise Skye.


I am a personal and performance coach working with people who feel stuck in procrastination, self doubt, icky misalignment, confusion and/or chaos, but dream of something better:

The truth is that all of this is available to you.

Confidence; both internally (banish the doubts that are living rent free in your head) and externally (go for what you want; promotions, dates, opportunities)


Better relationships; experiencing true connections and intimacy while getting your needs met

Abundance; receiving all of the juicyness that life has to offer


Motivation to smash your goals, so that you can bring your dreams to life!

Clarity to take action without second guessing yourself

Alignment with your values and what your heart really wants

Your dreams don't come true by becoming

something you're not

All they require is for you to become more of who you already are; beneath the layers of conditioning, patterns of sabotage, and programming that half the time we don’t even know is there.  

I see you, and I want you to know that all of you is welcome here;  the doubts, the fears, the feelings of unworthiness, the procrastination, the stories, and all of the other things!

Work with Me

Begin your journey here

A look into your astrological birth chart to uncover and affirm your life’s path, and empower you to be more of who you are.

We get to the deep somatic, emotional, and subconscious roots of what’s blocking you, clear it and then set up an action plan for you to go all in. Just one session that can shift the trajectory of your entire life!

My 3 or 6 month coaching container designed to help you break free of limitations and receive my full support as you grow into your next level.

A 12 week Group container of healing, reprogramming, and removing barriers to love so you can experience deeper connections, and more fulfilling relationships

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Free resources


A 53-page guide and workbook to deepen your understanding on working with the moon.

This 8-page PDF Workbook guides you to take stock of the eight key areas of life to gain a birdseye view, using the Wheel of Life coaching tool.   

Meet Eloise

My work is to guide you back to who you are so that you can be who you came here to be and receive everything you desire and more. This is my soul's purpose and for the past 10 years I have been on my own journey back to wholeness.

Wherever you are, and whatever your desires, I'll meet you where you're at with what will serve you best in the moment. My Cancer Moon will nurture your deepest wounds and my Capricorn Sun will give you the tough love when you need it.

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Love Notes from Eloise

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