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Remember Who You Are


Remember Who You Are

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

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I'm Eloise Skye.


I am a personal and performance coach working with people who feel stuck in procrastination, self doubt, icky misalignment, confusion and/or chaos, but dream of something better:

  • Confidence;  both internally (banish the doubts that are living rent free in your head) and externally (go for what you want;  promotions, dates, opportunities)

  • Better relationships;  experiencing true connection and intimacy while getting your needs met

  • Abundance;  receiving all of the juicyness that life has to offer

  • Motivation to smash your goals, so that you can bring your dreams to life!

  • Clarity to take action without second guessing yourself

  • Alignment with your values and what your heart really wants

The truth is that all of this is available to you.


And it doesn’t happen by becoming something you’re not.  


It just requires you to become more of who you already are; beneath the layers of conditioning, patterns of sabotage, and programming that half the time we don’t even know is there.  

I see you, and I want you to know that all of you is welcome here;  the doubts, the fears, the feelings of unworthiness, the procrastination, the stories, and all of the other things!

My work is to guide you back to who you are so that you can be who you came here to be and receive everything you desire and more.  This is my soul's purpose and for the past 10 years I have been on my own journey back to wholeness. 


Wholeness has nothing to do with your titles or qualifications, but over this time I have been collecting skills, knowledge, and experience to be able to work holistically with:


The Mind

  • Coaching; working with root cause of your subconscious programs, patterns, and blocks to empower you to make real, last change, not just a Band-Aid of mindset tips and tricks.

  • Meditation


The Body

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Yin Yoga


The Soul

  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing

  • Astrological Chart Reading + Mapping

  • Intuitive Work


Day-to-day Life 

  • Relationship Coaching;  supporting men and women to break free from outdated paradigms that don't serve any of us.

  • Creative Visioning;  bringing my creativity and vision to clarifying, planning, and implementing your projects..

  • Business Mentoring;  I've done it all before (well, most things.  And in the case that I haven't, I'll refer you to someone who has.)

Wherever you are, and whatever your desires, I'll meet you where you're at with what will serve you best in the moment.  My Cancer Moon will nurture your deepest wounds and my Capricorn Sun will give you the tough love when you need it..


Because want nothing more than to see you free and shining in your magic and living the life you are here for.

If you want to find out how I can serve you, you can request a complimentary breakthrough call here.

Soul Guidance

Eloise is an amazing soul with so much knowledge and passion for what she does so very well! I booked a Soul Guidance session with her and it was such a relief to receive the clarity I was looking for!


She is a sincere and relatable teacher. Under her guidance I am learning to understand my true purpose and potential in this universe.


After we spoke she emailed me a thorough outline of our meeting, including suggestions and skills to work on and a better understanding of my birth chart!


I hope to continue our sessions and become more conscious and aware of my gifts!


Thank you Eloise for showing me the confidence I always had inside of me and just needed a nudge and assistance realizing!

Yenth'l Isaac, Florida, USA

Birth Chart Reading

Eloise is smart, caring, and truly gifted in the way she translates some of life's most profound secrets. She makes these mysteries accessible to us all, she finds your conversation style and runs with it. The reading becomes a dialogue as you find your eagerness to contribute grows as understand what you already know.


My life has changed forever, and Eloise plays no small part in this. It feels simple, practical and natural, and my gratitude for this and for her is abundant.

Uma Ruby, Victoria, Australia

Birth Chart Reading

I am so grateful for the Birth Chart reading I received from Eloise.

It really helped me to open up to doing my soul's work that was calling me and I am now 100% committed to fulfilling my purpose.  

This has brought me so much happiness and healing and I've met so many wonderful people along the way.

Erica, Washington, USA

Birth Chart Reading

 My Birth Chart reading with Eloise was so insightful.


She delivered it in such a beautiful and clear explanation that I felt like my soul had been read and put up on screen.

I have so much to take away from this, to accept about myself, to challenge, learn, grow and understand its a start of a much needed journey, so thankyou!!


You have a true gift.

Lorraine Heaton, London, UK


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